Revising Scheduled Communication Access Services

Changes in students’ scheduled interpreting services may occur due to the following scenarios:

  • Becoming aware of additional communication needs for coursework beyond those services which have already been scheduled.
  • Communication access service providers do not show-up/report to a scheduled assignment.
  • Communication access service providers inform students of anticipated absences.
  • Professor informs students that a scheduled class meeting and/or related activity will be cancelled.
  • Students cannot participate due to sickness.

SAS has established timelines in which to request and cancel services to help students effectively plan and secure communications access.  These timelines reflect the following:

  • Fourteen days (14 days) advance notice to request communication access assignments due to the high demand for interpreters and CART providers in the DC area.  Less than fourteen days (14 days) advance notice considered on a case-by-case basis to determine if communication access services can feasibly be scheduled.
  • At least 48 business hours advance notice to cancel scheduled services.

Communication Access Request (Interpreter or CART provider) Student Form