Priority Registration

Students registered with SAS do not automatically receive “Priority Registration.”  Students who require early registration in order to effectively engage in Marymount’s learning environments are approved for this accommodation.  Examples of conditions that warrant “Priority Registration” include but are not limited to:

  • Hearing impairments – demand significant advance planning in order to put in-person or remote/online ASL and CART services in place.  These services require hours of coordination for not only each student but each class.  Additionally, the DC area has an ongoing shortage of communication access services which can delay this successful planning even more so unless these arrangements are made well in advance of the academic term.
  • Mobility impairments – may require significant time gaps between classes for students to tend to their medical condition and have more commute time between classes.
  • Medically affected impairments – may require that students take courses at certain times of the day/certain days of the week because the impact of a medical condition/medication is concentrated at other times in the day/week.