Communication Access Request Form

Each semester students are required to complete a “Communication Access Request Form” for every class or event in which these services are desired.   This form notes their preferred communication access method (e.g. ASL or CART) as well as details about class meeting days, times and locations.

SAS does not review every student’s course schedule as initially set or as it changes, in order to arrange their communication access services for each class without student input.  In other words, communication access services:

  • Should be requested by students for each enrolled course by the start of the semester.
  • Must be cancelled by students for each withdrawn or dropped course as soon as possible.

Students must request communication access services from SAS for course needs which occur outside of regularly scheduled class meeting times, as soon as that need is discovered.  Examples of these needs include field trip, video viewing and other activities on or off campus.  Activities held outside class meeting times are typically noted on course syllabus.

Students should request communication access services through SAS only.  Students are asked not to schedule services directly with providers and/or the third-party employer of those providers.

Students should contact SAS for communication access concerns by emailing, and communicate with SAS both when the concern has been identified and resolved.  The general SAS practice is to check e-mail Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm on days the university is open for business.