Waitlist Information

Many courses at Marymount University have a waitlist option. Waitlist courses typically allow up to 15 students on a waitlist (some may allow less). Seniors have priority over all other students on waitlists. After seniors, it is first-come, first-serve. For example, a freshman could have priority over a junior if the freshman was placed on the waitlist first.

Academic-level status at Marymount is defined according to a student’s number of accumulated credits. The credits in which a student is currently enrolled are not counted in the accumulated total. Under this definition, students are classified as follows: first-year, 0 to 29 credits; sophomore, 30 to 59 credits; junior, 60 to 89 credits; senior, 90 or more credits. Students in bachelor’s/master’s degree programs should consult their program’s section in the catalog to learn when graduate student status becomes effective.

Important Note: Your academic level on a waitlist will not change even after you earn additional credits. For example, a junior, who adds themselves to a summer waitlist and earns enough credits at the end of the spring semester to become a senior, will remain a junior on the summer waitlist.

Waitlist Notifications

If you place yourself on a waitlist for a course, you will need to monitor your MU email. When a seat becomes available, you will receive an email from Marymount at 12:01 a.m. letting you know that you have two days to register for the course (by midnight the following day). If you do not register in that two day period, you will be removed from the waitlist and will have to try again.

Semester Automatic Notifications Begin Automatic Notifications End
Fall 2022 (full semester & First Mini-Mester) March 17, 2022 August 26, 2022
Fall 2022 (Second Mini-Mester) March 17, 2022 October 21, 2022
Spring 2023 (full semester & First Mini-Mester) October 20, 2022 January 13, 2023
Spring 2023 (Second Mini-Mester) October 20, 2022 March 17, 2023
Summer 2023 (Summer Session I) TBD TBD
Summer 2023 (Summer Session III) TBD TBD
Summer 2023 (Summer Session II) TBD TBD

Please note that students must go through the waitlist process in order to be enrolled in a closed course with a waitlist option. Placing yourself on a waitlist does not mean you are enrolled in the course. Per University policy, students not officially enrolled in a course may not attend class.