Fall 2020 Emergency Grading Policy for First-Year Students

For the Fall semester only, we will offer Pass/Fail grading option to undergraduate first-year students who will have successfully completed a maximum of 29 credits by the end of the Fall 2020 semester.

Between Monday, December 7 and Wednesday, December 16, first-year students may elect to change up to two (2) courses to a Pass grade. (Final grades will be posted on December 14.)

  • To elect this policy, students are first required to consult with their academic advisors to fully understand how taking advantage of this policy might affect their academic records, their progress towards their degree, and graduate school or post-graduation career goals.
  • Students enrolled in professional degree programs (Nursing, Pre-Physical Therapy, Interior Design, Teacher Licensure) must consult with their academic advisor/chair to see which courses, if any, are eligible for Pass/Fail declaration and the level of performance required to achieve a Pass grade.
  • Courses graded as Pass/Fail will count towards fulfilling major and/or minor requirements and minimum credit requirements. Earning a Pass in any Liberal Arts Core course will count toward fulfilling the Liberal Arts Core requirement.
  • The Pass grade will not be calculated into the GPA.
  • A note will be added to academic transcripts for students that elect to opt-in to the Fall 2020 Emergency Grading Policy for First-Year Student.
  • Students are also strongly encouraged to consult with the Office of Financial Aid to ensure that taking advantage of this policy does not interfere with their eligibility for financial aid and any scholarships, grants, or other benefits.

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