Astra Room Reservations

Astra Event Online Instructions:

  1. Go to the MU Portal and login.
  2. Astra is found under the QuickLinks module on the left side of the page.
  3. Click Astra – Room Request
  4. You will then see headers marked Calendars, Rooms, Featured Links. Click Request Events under Calendars if it’s listed. If nothing is listed under these headings, just click Login in the upper right-hand corner.
  5. You DO NOT have to enter your username/password. Just select the location you want from the drop-down menu (only select either – Bal and MC)….then hit submit.
  6. Next, click Request Events. Fill out Event Information for all required sections. Fill in the Event Name and Attendance (note: the attendance must not go over the number of seats the room can hold or it will not show up in the list of available rooms). The Privacy level will always be Public. The Event Type will be either Meeting or Classroom. The Customer Type will be Campus Affiliated. Put your contact information to receive your confirmation email, no address is needed. Then hit Continue.
  7. Select either a Recurring Meeting (more than one day) or a Single Meeting.
  8. Fill in Meeting information and hit Submit. No setup/tear down time is needed.
  9. Click Pick Rooms and hit Continue.
  10. Under Building, select REIN from the drop-down menu. It will bring up all rooms in the Reinsch Library. Click Select to choose your desired room.
  11. Click Assign. It will show the room you selected. You are done. You can now click Submit event or if you want to add another meeting you can click Recurring Meetings or Single Meeting.