Teaching Resources for Faculty

The following links provide a few suggestions as good starting places. For more resources please contact the Director of Teaching, Dr. Joe Provenzano: jprovenz@marymount.edu; (703) 908-8676.

Open MU is the new home for all things related to Textbook Affordability and Open Market textbooks at Marymount University.

General Teaching – this page contains a number of additional links to resources that include an online course in “Effective Teaching”, podcasts focused on teaching and learning, as well as a link to subscribe to a fully moderated list focusing on teaching and learning.

Course Planning & Preparation – this list of resources is designed to assist faculty in the preparation for their course, in the successful launching of their course and the appropriate evaluation of that course.

Teaching Techniques – these resources are designed to provide a pedagogical basis for different styles of teaching and learning.

Understanding & Motivating Students – these resources are only a suggestion of what is available in the Center to assist faculty.

Using Instructional Technology – these suggested resources aim to help faculty use instructional technology to leverage effective learning.

Scholarly Teaching – there is a difference between teaching in a scholarly way and scholarly teaching. These resources are aimed at grounding teaching in scholarship and assisting faculty to begin the journey of viewing teaching as a potential source of scholarship.

Scholarship of Teaching (SOTL) – these resources aim to assist faculty with taking scholarship of teaching to a publishable format.

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