2016 Undergraduate Student Poster Presentations

Undergraduate Student Posters and Visual Arts

  • Manisha Pradhan, Hydrogen and Carbon NMR Spectra of various Amino Acids, Dr. Laura Medhurst
  • Emilie Broquet, The Effects of Massage Therapy on Children Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Dr. Rosemarie Berman
  • Brithany Barra, The Effect of Stress Management on A1C Levels in Diabetic Patients, Dr. Rosemarie Berman
  • Dyamond Seace, Ask Bernie about Health Issues, Dr. Gwendolyn Francavillo
  • Aliza Shabanowitz, Screening for Congenital Heart Defects Using Pulse Oximetry, Dr. Adrianna Glenn
  • Oluremi Akin-Olugbade, Economic Conditions Which Limit Accessibility to Foreign Direct Investments and Their Effect on Economic Growth in Developing Countries, Dr. Brian Hollar
  • Johanna Gomez, Manisha Pradhan, Treatment of Salmonella Infected Turtles (Chrysemys picta) with Gentamicin, Alena James
  • George Arubi, The Hacker’s Arms Race, Dr. Michelle Xiang Liu
  • Evelyn Rivera, “Opposite Ends Despite Close Poximity” Immigration enforcement policies in Prince William County and Arlington County., Dr. Matt Bakker
  • Kathryn Guajardo, The Relationship Between Knowledge and Perceptions of Mental Health Disorders, Dr. Catherine Diaz-Asper
  • Hannah Gorsich, Sulianys Hernandez, Lucila Rivera-Simon, The Effects of the 2013 Marymount University Water Conservation Campaign, Dr. Barbara Kreutzer
  • Samantha Healy, Dialing In: The Impact of Mobile Phones on Economic Growth, Dr. Brian Hollar