2016 Graduate Student Poster Presentations

Undergraduate Student Posters and Visual Arts

  • Meredith Zoltak, Task-specific Gait Training in Chronic Stroke, Dr. Diana Venskus
  • Ashley Dobbins, June Tangney, Jeffrey Stuewig, When Jail Inmates Are Mindful:  Implications for Criminal Thinking and Recidivism, Dr. Mary Lindahl
  • Dhaya Muthiah, Nurses’ Attitudes, competency, and Perceptions of the National Institute of Health stroke Scale, Dr Jane Renfro
  • Eric Blackstone, The Effect of Infant Massage on an Extremely Preterm and Extremely Low Body Weight Infant’s Development: A Case Report, Dr. Carrie Pagliano
  • Trevor Stewart, The Effects of Adding Trunk Rehabilitation to the Management of a Patient with a Right Middle Cerebral Artery Ischemic Stroke in the Skilled Nursing Facility: A Case Report, Dr. Carrie Pagliano
  • Brooke Johnson, Decreased Functional Mobility Following Multiple Spinal Fusion Surgeries, Dr. Kelly Negley
  • Bridget Cunningham, A Patient Case Study on the effectiveness of Intermittent Ketamine Infusions over a nine-month period for the management of Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome in the Acute Care Setting, Dr. Kelly Negley
  • Caroline Ashley Border, Thoracic Spine Mobilization Intervention on a 19 year old weight lifter with Subacute Thoracic Spine Pain an Stiffness: A Case Report, Dr. Diana Venskus
  • Alyssa Bitzel, Balanced based torso and limb training for individuals with ataxia post stroke, Dr. Skye Donovan
  • Sarah Barrows, The Effectiveness of Combining Manual Mobilizations and a Home Exercise Program for Adhesive Capsulitis Treatment: A Case Report, Dr. Kelley Negley
  • Anna Juzwiak, Effectiveness of Conservative Physical Therapy Treatment for Piriformis Syndrome, Carrie Pagliano
  • Elizabeth Kerrigan, Multi-sensory integration therapy stimulating the visual, somatosensory, and vestibular system in order to produce positive motor outcomes post stroke, Dr. Skye Donovan
  • Christine Watts, Home for Residents with Hearing Loss: A Study in Residential Acoustics, Dr. Jessica Goldsmith
  • Amber McKinney, Can Intensive Physical Therapy Treatment for Centralized Low Back Pain be just as Effective as Standardized Protocols?, Diana Venskus
  • Brittney Roberts, Motivational training and its effects on ambulatory distance and safety in a patient with decreased activity tolerance from ESRD: A Case Report, Dr. Diana Venskus
  • Francesca Andrea, The influence of CRPS on a patient status post DRF, Dr. Kelly Holliday
  • Nancy Lim, A Patient Case Study on Physical Therapy Interventions to Increase Exercise Tolerance for Chronic Heart Failure, Dr. Jason Craig
  • Christine Watts, Cooperation in Fairfax County Community Libraries, Dr. Robin Wagner, Susan Hergenrather
  • Tina Yaworsky, Lindsay Clark, Danielle Duckett, Aigerim Amangeldiyeva, Understanding Third Place at Marymount University for Interior Design Students: An Examination of Bernie’s Cafe, Dr. Bridget May
  • Lauren Pezze, Irina Ivanova, C. Grace Ekwalla, Examination of Color Preference and Meaning in Interior Spaces Among Four Cultures in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area., Dr. Bridget May
  • Allyson Mincberg, Yasmin Hassan, Manal Almutlaq, amani Alahmari, The Use of Seven Biophilic design attributes in the public spaces of selected hotels., Dr. Bridget May
  • Hongying Chen, High-Load Strength Training For Pain And Foot Function In A Patient With Plantar Fasciitis: A Case Report, Dr. Kelly Holliday
  • Deidre Deacon, Functional Recovery of Trunk Control in a Patient with Pusher’s Syndrome Post Cerebral Vascular Accident: A Case Report, Dr. Kelly Negley
  • Shannon Dooley, Post-Operative Rehabilitation of a Symptomatic Pediatric Flexible Flatfoot Surgically Treated with a Subtalar Joint Arthroereisis MBA Implant: A Case Report, Dr. Jason Craig
  • Melissa Greco Liu, Application of Neuromuscular Training and Muscle Strengthening in a Patient with Patellofemoral Pain
    Syndrome: A Case Study, Dr. Jason Craig
  • James McKay, Utilization of Lower Extremity Strengthening & Balance Exercises to Progress an Adult Patient With Cerebral Palsy to Ice Skating Activities: A Case Report., Dr. Skye Donovan
  • Jonathan Sarji, Effects of Submaximal Cycling on 2 Minute Walk Test in a Patient with an LVAD, Dr. Skye Donovan