Preparing for Graduate School

Graduate study requires a significant investment of time, money, and energy. The Council of Graduate Schools and research universities such as Purdue post material useful in making the decision to continue your education beyond college. So do such academic associations as

Please find the association tied to your field.

Choosing an undergraduate major is the first step toward specialization. Graduate study builds on that disciplinary training.

You will be competing against other excellent college graduates for admission and aid. It’s important to do well in your Marymount classes in the major—but even more important to demonstrate interest, initiative, and ability in your studies overall. Here are a few suggestions for making yourself a standout:

  • Talk to your professors: not only will they be more likely to write you a strong letter of recommendation, but you may even learn something!
  • Keep abreast of current affairs: regularly read a newspaper (The Washington Post is free on campus), and browse a journal in your discipline.
  • Seek challenges: learn a language, do an internship, present at a conference, publish an article, lead an organization, apply to the MU Honors Program (if you’re eligible), study abroadserve the community, etc.
  • Apply for everything: one award or grant often leads to another.
  • Practice writing and public speaking.