Marymount’s School of Education Earns Accreditation

Marymount’s School of Education Earns Accreditation

The School of Education is pleased to announce that the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) has awarded full accreditation status for another seven years making Marymount University one of 18 universities in Virginia with CAEP accreditation. This recognition is the result of a comprehensive examination to ensure that all Marymount University education programs meet rigorous national standards set by CAEP.

Why is CAEP accreditation a big deal?

CAEP is the sole national accrediting body for educator preparation, and its mission is to seek excellence in educator preparation programs. There are five standards that were developed using evidence-based research of what makes a high quality educator preparation program. The standards focus on equity education, data-driven decision making, quality content and pedagogical knowledge, rich clinical experiences, and an impact in PK-12 education. Receiving CAEP accreditation demonstrates that the School of Education is meeting and even excelling in the rigorous standards established by the field. The faculty in the School of Education are consistently striving to prepare educators who are ready to face the challenges in our schools today.   

What did the School of Education have to do to earn CAEP accreditation? 

Marymount University’s School of Education consistently conducts self-study research which involves collecting and analyzing a variety of data that supports the high quality of educator preparation. In addition, the School of Education in December of 2020 hosted the CAEP visiting team. This visiting team interviewed faculty, staff, students, alumni, and clinical partners to verify the School of Education’s extensive written report and gain additional perspectives about the quality of the program.  “This achievement is the result of all the hard work put forth by our faculty, staff, and alumni who have helped uphold Marymount’s high level of consistency and quality,” said Dr. Lisa Turissini, Director of Marymount’s School of Education. “This well-earned recognition will help us continue to cultivate excellence and innovation among the next generation of future teachers and educational leaders.”

How will CAEP accreditation serve Marymount students?

CAEP accreditation means that Marymount candidates are receiving the highest quality of education and are prepared to teach the first day they walk into a classroom. Future and current students should be confident that Marymount is committed to their education and that we will continue to work hard to ensure excellence in our program.  

How will CAEP accreditation serve the community? 

Finally, CAEP accreditation brings confidence to our PK-12 partners in the community that the graduates from our program are highly qualified and will meet the expectations of schools. This is also supported by principals across Northern Virginia consistently evaluating our graduates with high scores. 

What’s next?

Though the School of Education is accredited for the next seven years, the faculty and staff will continue to meet new challenges in the field of education with evidence-based strategies and research. We are also committed to improving our education programs and continue to seek and build our relationships with community stakeholders.