Secondary Education – English

This program of study allows students to complete a baccalaureate degree in English and also be licensed to teach secondary English at the end of four years. Students pursuing licensure in this manner complete all requirements necessary for Virginia licensure, including field experience and student teaching. NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS

Major Requirements

To fulfill the requirements of the major, all students in this program will take the following coursework in a sequence determined in collaboration with a faculty advisor. Some courses also satisfy Liberal Arts Core and/or University requirements. Some coursework fulfills teaching licensure requirements as specified by the Commonwealth of Virginia. NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS

  • EN 212 Topics in Acting or COMM 101 Public Speaking
  • ED 200SL Foundations of Teaching and Learning
  • ED 254 Technology for the K-12 Classroom
  • ED 309 Special Education Foundations and Characteristics of Exceptional learners
  • ED 337 Literacy in the Content Areas
  • ED 338 Secondary Education: Curriculum and Methods
  • ED 351 Assessment to Support Learning in K-12
  • ED 368 Secondary Teaching Methods in English
  • ED 460S Student Teaching: Secondary
  • ED 461 Classroom Management in the PK-12 Classroom
  • EN 200 Elements of Literary Study
  • EN 201 World Literature: The Ancient World or EN 202 World Literature: The Middle Ages
  • EN 203 World Literature: Renaissance through Enlightenment or EN 204 World Literature: Romanticism through Post-Modernism
  • EN 205 American Literature I, EN 206 American Literature II, or EN 230 American Multicultural Literature
  • EN 211 Principles of Language
  • EN 290 Literary Theory and Practice
  • EN 301 The Writing Process: Theory and Practice
  • EN 424 Senior Seminar
  • EN 490 Major Author(s)
  • 9 credits in English electives numbered EN 321 or above
  • PSY 110 Human Growth and Development