Degree Program

The sociology program at Marymount fosters critical reflection on global issues of diversity, inequality, and social justice. The curriculum challenges students to develop a sociological perspective by taking an analytical approach to understand social life. Through coursework, research, and community-based learning, students develop career skills as well as an appreciation for the importance of community engagement.

The foundation of your sociology journey begins with the study of how social forces shape your life as well as ways you might maximize your own life chances for success. Your coursework will help you by taking into account the social context in which we work by investigating how the social dynamics influence our understanding of the world around us. You will learn to appreciate the importance of global connections, and explore the extent to which our lives are culturally bound and at the same time interconnected.

The inquiry sequence in the program provides you with a theoretical framework for understanding social justice and the analytical skills to collect data, test multiple explanations and draw conclusions. This sociological understanding that makes it possible for you to identify the causes of social injustice, and effectively challenge these structural barriers as responsible citizens who contribute to the common good.

Program electives in the major offer students the chance to explore issues associated with diversity and social inequality from a global perspective.

Your academic journey culminates with the Senior Experience, in which you gain practical experience applying your knowledge of sociology, completing a 3 credit Internship and 3 credit Practicum.