Sociology Internships

The nearby resources of Washington, DC offer abundant and exciting career  opportunities for sociology majors. Sociology majors gain practical work experience by completing one of two options during their senior year: an internship (SOC 400) or a community engagement project (SOC 497).

SOC 400 requires students complete a semester long placement for 120 hours of supervised work and the related academic requirements.  SOC 497 requires students complete ten week placement for a minimum of 80 supervised hours and the related academic requirements.  Working with their advisor, students select the placement that best meets their career goals.


Recent internship placements include:

  • Bonder & Amanda Johnson Community Development Corporation

  • Bailey’s Crossroads Community Shelter

  • Tenants and Workers United

  • Community Gardens, D.C.  Department of Parks & Recreation

  • Offender Restoration of Arlington

  • Northern Virginia Family Services

  • The Shepherd Program Internship Program

  • Earth Day Network
  • 3greenmoms
  • Youth Service America
  • Separated Children Seeking Asylum Service – Dublin, Ireland

Teaching apprenticeships: Developing information literacy lesson plans for sociology students;  Support strategies for international students.

Research experience: Inclusionary local immigration policy; Nature writing with women in the Philippines.


Sociology Internships