Study Abroad for Sociology Students

Sociology majors often take advantage of study abroad opportunities available at Marymount.  We closely with Marymount’s Center for Global Education (CGE) to offer a variety of study abroad experiences, including the Global Classroom Series  and the Short Term Summer Programs.

Some recent sociology study abroad courses include:

  • Amsterdam: Through the Sociological Lens (Spring 2014)
  • Kenya: Addressing Injustice (Summer 2014)
  • Belize: Through the Sociological Lens (Summer 2015)
  • France: Diversity, Community and The Church (Summer 2015)
  • El Salvador: The Global Village (Spring 2016)
  • Groningen: Through the Sociological Lens (Spring 2017)

Global learning on campus

The Sociology Department offers another exciting global learning experience.  Students can take a globally networked class that connects faculty and students who are located in another country.  In collaboration with partners at Hanze University of Applied Science, Dr. Janine DeWitt and her colleague, Loes Damhof, have pioneered this form of global learning by offering The Global Village. This course is taken simultaneously by  students at both universities.  The professors and students meet together for presentations and guided discussions, sharing their observations of globalization in the communities where they live, work, and play.  Through these exchanges students on both sides of the Atlantic gain a deeper understanding of globalization, identify its different impacts on people within their communities, and build valuable career skills by working on intercultural teams.  Plans are underway to expand our globally networked classroom offerings.  Stay tuned!

Dr. DeWitt’s The Global Village course was designed as part of the Collaborative Online International Teaching project (COIL) at the Global Center of the State University of New York.  In addition, the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities recently mentioned this global networked classroom experience on its list of the “Ten ways that Catholic higher education lives the vision of Gaudium et Spes.

Study Abroad for Sociology Students