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“That ALL may have life, and have it to the full


Faculty in the Department of Sociology at Marymount University value diversity and will foster inclusive classrooms in which all students — independent of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability, or immigration status —contribute to classroom activities, and become engaged members of our university community. In our curriculum and in our teaching, we challenge individual and systemic discrimination, and we evaluate the role that historical injustices continue to play in our communities. By promoting mutual recognition and respect across our differences in the classroom, we hope to better understand the world from multiple perspectives ourselves, and to cultivate that understanding in our students. Valuing our differences makes it possible for us to address the vexing social challenges we face today.


Our students come from all walks of life. An appreciation of this diversity is central to building the common ground that distinguishes Marymount’s heritage. It also serves as the basis for meaningful conversations in the classroom, and provides opportunities to develop perspective-taking and collaboration skills.

Our students gain first-hand research experience. Students can explore topics of personal interest by working on independent study projects or assisting faculty members, whose research and areas of expertise cover a range of fields within sociology. Students also have the opportunity to present at Marymount’s Student Research Conference.

Our students are encouraged to expand their horizons, and find new ways of exploring the world. Take advantage of the many study abroad opportunities here at Marymount. Whether a global classroom for which you travel over Spring Break, a short term summer course, or a semester abroad, this range of global experiences provide you the opportunity to develop intercultural competence. Visit our Center for Global Education site to learn more about the career benefits of study abroad.

Our students make a difference. As a liberal arts degree, a Marymount sociology major prepares students for a range of careers such as working to make a difference locally through community development initiatives or working for global change with non-governmental organizations or international institutions. Your training in sociology will provide you with a unique way of understanding the world we live in and the rapid changes being brought about by globalization.

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About Our Department