Transforming Student Engagement Research Area

Dr. Marcia Baldanza major research interests include: (1) Identifying the intersections of moral and ethical behaviors in leaders and understanding these in VUCA decisions or situations (2) Improving, increasing, and enhancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and access in higher education, leadership, and K-12 teaching (3) Building and maintaining strong online cultures to enhance the graduate experience (4) How three new tenure track faculty in the School of Education support each other through the first years using a critical friend’s model.

Dr. Jen Crystle research interests primarily focus on global leadership, higher education internationalization, and high impact practices. Previous research included analysis of internationalization policy in Australia and the United States, as well as the impact of experiential learning programs on student development. Dr. Crystle is also interested in curriculum development, student mentorship, and how to best support students as scholar practitioners. She has presented her research at national and international conferences and has served as a reviewer for the Impacting Education Journal, CPED’s peer-reviewed academic journal.

Dr. Clara Hauth research focus is in four main areas: (a) educational leadership and organizational innovation, with projects investigating current leadership principles (b) experiential learning practices to prepare teachers for a career as special educators, (c) high impact and evidence based interventions regarding literacy skills (i.e., writing, reading, and math) of students with high-incidence disabilities, and (d) contributing to the research base on interprofessional learning(IPE), with culturally responsive/international educational practices both here and abroad. She works with k-12 schools in Panama and Columbia on teacher education research to support ALL learners.

Dr. Lisa A. Turissini research focus is on: (1) peer coaching in the professoriate;  (2) educational leadership with projects investigating current leadership practices in mentoring faculty/students;  (3) high impact and evidence-based strategies to increase student engagement especially in online programs. Dr. Turissini serves as a CAEP site visitor, and reviewer for a number of peer-reviewed academic journals.  Other areas of specific interest include assessment/accreditation, teacher preparation, and the scholarship of teaching and learning.