2022 Art Senior Thesis Exhibition

Barry Gallery proudly presents “Perspective,” the 2022 Senior Thesis Exhibition, showcasing the Senior Projects of art students Tyryn Goodson, A‘nnah Howard, Nazaire Kunlipe, and Mieze Trejo. Each of these artists aims to shift perspective in various ways and illuminate a new path. The exhibition will be on view from December 9, 2022 – January 29, 2023.

Opening Reception:

Friday, December 9, 4:30-6:30pm
Barry Gallery, Reinsch Library Building, MU Main Campus (near 26th St. entrance)
All are welcome! 

View samples from the in-person exhibition:

Tyryn Goodson

Goodson’s color field paintings ebb between horizon and atmosphere. A depth of space peaks through the boundaries while the illusion is shifted back to the surface with the texture of the paint. 

A’nnah Howard

Howard references time, destruction, and interconnection with her political paintings. She references historical moments in time when minorities were wronged against. Her paintings depict a regenerated and abstracted space that combines texture, mark making, silhouettes of ripped tape, depth and perspective.

Nazaire Kunlipe

Kunlipe creates an alternate reality and gives an intangibility to formerly familiar objects in his paintings. A palette of primary colors is subdued by a dark environment. Surrealism and cubism influences surface in his work.

Mieze Trejo

Trejo’s minimal acrylic on paper pieces honor her Honduran roots. The isolated objects from Honduras are painted with a minimal and subdued palette.