2021 Art Senior Thesis Exhibition

Barry Gallery proudly presents the 2021 Senior Thesis Exhibition, showcasing the Senior Projects of art students Ashleigh McGuire and Caitlin Taylor.

In-Person Opening Reception (masks required indoors):

Friday, December 10, 5-7pm
Barry Gallery, Reinsch Library Building, MU Main Campus (near 26th St. entrance)
All are welcome! 

Ashleigh McGuire

Ashleigh McGuire’s Senior Thesis Project explores the theme of body image and self-acceptance through printmaking. Each project began as a personal, private journey of self-discovery, yet the content of the series has expanded as McGuire has researched the ways in which her themes are shared by many in our society. Her prints communicate empathetically and attempt to connect with others who relate to the complexities between body image and popular culture. 

View samples of Ashleigh McGuire’s in-person exhibition: 

Caitlin Taylor

Caitlin Taylor is drawn to scenes of everyday life, focusing on experiences that are unnoticed, ordinary, and mundane. The delicate, small-scale gouache paintings that comprise Taylor’s Senior Thesis Project capture time in between one moment and the next, where an event still has to take place or has just ended. There is a focus on objects and life at rest, and how time in between moments can be quiet, lonesome, and often overlooked.

View samples of Caitlin Taylor’s in-person exhibition: