Center For Professional Ethics And Social Responsibility


The mission of the Marymount University Center for Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility is to support and advance research, knowledge, and solutions relating to professional ethical conduct and commitment to social responsibility. The Center promotes research projects, educational programs, leadership, and community engagement by bringing together researchers, students, professionals, and other stakeholders to facilitate inter-professional ethical dialogue and to produce social impact for the common good at the individual, institutional, and community level. 

The Center for Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility strives to:

  • Support faculty research to advance knowledge, leadership, and solutions in the areas of professional ethics and social responsibility. 
  • Provide a public forum for scholars and practitioners to share their research and experience. 
  • Promote ethics education across the curriculum. 
  • Create programs for students and other stakeholders that develop awareness, knowledge, and responsible decision-making relating to professional ethics and social responsibility.
  • Prepare our students to be ethical leaders.
  • Grow academic-community partnership opportunities for collaboration, public engagement, and service initiatives that bridge research and education with practice.