Requesting a Letter

How can I request a letter for my sponsor?

  • You should email and indicate the type of letter you need.
  • All letter requests must come from your Marymount email account. New students may request letters from their personal email accounts prior to starting at Marymount, but will be required to use their Marymount email account once their first semester begins.
  • Please include in your email your sponsor, so we can address the letter to your specific sponsor.

I’m requesting an academic certification letter for my sponsor, what do I have to make sure has been completed before making this request?

  • If registration for the next semester is open, make sure that you are registered as a full-time student.
  • If you are planning to take summer courses, please make sure you have registered before requesting a letter.
  • NOTE: If you have not registered fully or enrolled in the correct courses, this may delay your request for your academic certification.

I need to extend my scholarship. What type of letter should I request?

My sponsor is requiring a separation letter so I can be on my own scholarship. What type of letter should I request?

  • The academic certification letter can be used to submit to sponsors for a scholarship separation request.
  • Please be sure to state in your request that you are in need of the academic certification letter for a scholarship separation request.