Student Research Conference

The Student Research Conference (SRC) is an annual celebration of Marymount student scholarship and creative works. Both undergraduate and graduate students are invited to present their work. The 2021 SRC will be a ‘virtual’ event, held on April 21, 2021.

All students who have completed a significant scholarly or creative project are encouraged to register to present their work. Examples of eligible projects include thesis and dissertations, capstone projects, directed research, action research, case reports, literary analysis that reveals new connections and insights, creative works in art and design, major classroom scholarly projects, and fellowship research.

Presentations will occur at the College or School level early on the day of April 21. The highest scoring presentations will move to a university-wide competition later the same day. A cash prize for best presentation will be awarded in several categories.

All students wishing to present a project at the conference should complete this short registration form no later than March 31, 2021. Submitting a registration form represents a commitment to present your work at the conference. A letter of support from a faculty advisor who is familiar with the project and willing to serve as an advisor to you on the presentation must be included as an attachment to the registration form.

Projects with multiple authors are accepted but, please only submit ONE registration form with the names of all presenters included. The format for the event will require you to prepare a 10-15 minute slide presentation and short video summary of the presentation.

For this year, since no guidance was provided about holding classes the day of SRC (classes have traditionally been canceled that day), we ask faculty who teach on Wednesdays to consider establishing a remote, asynchronous format for any classes scheduled to meet during the conference so that all students and faculty are free to attend.