Student Research Conference

The Student Research Conference (SRC) is an annual celebration of Marymount’s student scholarship and creative works. Both undergraduate and graduate students are invited to present their work. The 2023 Student Research Conference is scheduled for April 26,  2023.

2022 Student Research Conference (SRC)

The 2022 SRC was held on April 22, 2022. Congratulations to the 38 undergraduate and 54 graduate students who participated in this event. The conference included both individual research / creative work presentations and interdisciplinary student panel discussions of research areas with similar topical themes. You can access the full list of presentations under the ‘2022 SRC Archives’ tab on the left.

Awards were given in both the undergraduate and graduate categories for Oral (platform) and Poster presentations. Judges based decisions on the presentation’s clarity, impact, methodology, and audience engagement. 2022 SRC award winners are listed below.  A well-deserved congratulations to them all.

2022 Student Research Conference Award Winners

Best Oral Presentation, Undergraduate Category

  • The Quest for Antibiotics: Addressing the Global Crisis. Efemena Johnson, Lidya Andemichael, & Maia Pappadakis

Honorable Mention, Oral Presentation, Undergraduate Category:

  • The Battle of Older Latinos Against Diabetes: Changing the Cultural Narrative. Jessica Artiga
  • Urbanization and Children’s Well-Being Around the World. Roey Stern

Best Poster Presentation, Undergraduate Category:

  • Role of GATA4 and NKX2-5 Mutations in Ventricular Septal Defects  Isabella Ochalik

Best Graduate Oral Presentation, Graduate Category

  • The Factors Related to Undergraduate Students Seeking Academic Help Through Peer Tutoring. Taylor Jackson

Honorable Mention, Graduate Oral Presentation

  • Autonomous Vehicle Innovations & Limitation on the Workforce Around Ethics.  Clifton Stone
  • Impingement Rehabilitation Based Protocol for Greater Tuberosity Fractures: a Case Report. Sydney Symons

Best Poster Presentation, Graduate Category

  • Physical Therapy Management of a Patient with Acute Cervical Radicular Pain: A Case Report. Amy Sherman