Danielle Lancaster (no photo)

Danielle Lancaster

Adjunct Faculty

Fashion Design and Merchandising

Joanne McCormick (no photo)

Joanne McCormick


Fashion Design and Merchandising


Email: joanne.akin@marymount.edu

Raman Ravindran (no photo)

Raman Ravindran

Adjunct Faculty

Fashion Design and Merchandising

Nina Thirakul (no photo)

Nina Thirakul

Adjunct Faculty, Fashion Design

College of Business, Innovation, Leadership and Technology, Fashion Design and Merchandising, School of Design and Art


Email: nthiraku@marymount.edu

Dr. Jennifer Yang (no photo)

Dr. Jennifer Yang

Assistant Professor

College of Business, Innovation, Leadership and Technology, Fashion Design and Merchandising, School of Business

<b>Academic Credentials</b>

Ph.D. in Apparel Business and Economic Analysis


Jennifer Yang is an Assistant Professor of Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. She has many years of experience in teaching various business and fashion merchandising/marketing courses. Her research focuses on Consumer Behaviors in Fashion, Innovative Fashion Merchandising Strategies, and Interdisciplinary Pedagogical Research. She is the faculty liaison for the National Retail Federation.

<b>Teaching Areas</b>

Merchandise Planning and Analysis, Omni-channel Retailing, Fashion in the Global Marketplace, Promotion and Digital Marketing, Business Experience

<b>Research Interests</b>
<li>Fashion Consumer Behaviors</li>
<li>Fashion Entrepreneurship</li>
<li>Chen-Yu, J. &amp; Yang, J. (2020). Consumer characteristics as predictors of purchase intentions and willingness to pay a premium for men’s mass-customized apparel. Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, March 2, 2020. Retrievable from https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/20932685.2020.1728702?scroll=top&amp;needAccess=true</li>
<li>Yoo, J., &amp; Yang, J. (2016). A Sociocultural-cognitive model of body-tanning behaviors. Clothing Cultures, 3(2), 129-141.</li>
<li>Bahng, Y., Yang, J., &amp; Reilly, A. (2016). Resources, barriers, and strategies for export marketing performance: A qualitative study in Hawai’i. Journal of Export Marketing, 1(1), 96-113.</li>
<li>Yang, J., Kincade, D., &amp; Chen-Yu, J. (2015). Types of apparel mass-customization and levels of modularity and variety. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, 33(3), 199-212.</li>
<li>Bahng, Y., Kincade, D. H., &amp; Yang, J. (2013). U.S. college students’ apparel shopping orientation and brand/product preferences within the context of college major, Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management. 17(3), 367-384.</li>


Phone: 703-284-4984

Email: jennifer.yang@marymount.edu

Marymount University