Opportunities for Student Involvement

Marymount has an ongoing need for exceptional students to serve as members of the Student Conduct Board and volunteer to become academic integrity panelists.

  1. Student Conduct Board – The Student Conduct Board adjudicates cases of behavioral misconduct outlined in the Student Community Conduct Code, such as use of community disruptions, illegal substances, and vandalism. The board acts as the University’s finders of fact and decision-makers in such cases. The Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution convenes boards to hear cases when (1) the outcome may result in loss of housing, suspension, or expulsion from Marymount University or (2) the facts are complex and the format of the hearing would be beneficial to determining the facts. Students, faculty, and staff are eligible to serve on the board.
  2. Academic Integrity Panel – Academic Integrity Panels adjudicate cases of academic misconduct outlined in the Academic Integrity Code, such as plagiarism, cheating, falsification, solicitation or facilitation of academic dishonesty, text-recycling, and fraud or misrepresentation in academic claims. The Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution convenes panels when (1) students dispute allegations of academic dishonesty, (2) are accused of a second or subsequent violation which may result in suspension or expulsion, or (3) the violation is so egregious as to warrant suspension or expulsion on the first offense.


The Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution strongly encourages interested students to review the Student Conduct Board and Academic Integrity Panel Application Information Packet for more details on the requirements of the position, the applicant criteria, and a list of frequently asked questions.

Interested students should complete the online application. You may apply for both positions using the same application. Academic integrity panelists and student conduct board members are selected on a rolling basis.