Pricing Overview for the 2024 Summer Intern Housing Program

Application and Deposit

Upon submitting and receiving approval for the 2024 Summer Intern Housing Program application, interns must make a nonrefundable deposit of $200 to secure their reservation.

Room Types and Rates

Interns can express their Room Type preference during the application process, which will be subject to availability. We offer a limited number of Ostapenko Singles, so act fast!

Available Room Types:

  • Ostapenko Single (limited availability)
    • Weekly:
    • Monthly:
  • Ostapenko Extended Single
    • Weekly:
    • Monthly:

Booking Period: The reservation dates span from May 19th to August 2nd

Optional Meal Plan

For added convenience, interns may opt for a meal plan, which will be charged to their Marymount ID upon arrival, allowing dining at on-campus facilities. Interns can use this alongside kitchen spaces in their Ostapenko apartments.

Meal Plan Options:


Optional Summer Parking Pass:

Billing and Payment Options for the 2024 Summer Intern Housing Program

Billing Schedule

Billing for the Summer Intern Housing Program is structured on a weekly basis, running from Sunday to Saturday. Please note that we are unable to offer prorated weeks. Full weekly charges apply regardless of whether you arrive after Sunday or depart before Saturday.

Payment Options

Upon making the initial deposit, each intern will be invoiced for the total cost of their stay. It is imperative that all payments be completed prior to check-in. Interns have the flexibility to settle their balance at the time of check-in. However, access to housing, including key and ID issuance, is contingent upon full payment.

Payment Options for the 2024 Summer Intern Housing Program

Payment Methods

Interns can pay their housing fees using a check or a credit card.

  • By Check:
  • To pay by check, please issue a check payable to “Marymount University” and include the intern’s name and “Summer Intern Housing Program 2024” in the memo line. Details on where to mail the check will be provided on the invoice or can be obtained from the housing office.
  • By Credit Card:
  • For credit card payments, please utilize our secure online payment portal here. Follow the prompts to complete your transaction.

Returned Checks

In the event that a check is returned, the intern will be expected to provide immediate alternate payment covering both the original amount and any additional bank fees incurred by Marymount University as a result of the returned check. Please ensure sufficient funds are available before issuing a check to avoid any inconvenience or additional charges.

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