Ashleigh Diserio

Ashleigh Diserio (no photo)


Forensic and Legal Psychology

Ms. Diserio provides psychological-based consultation for insider threat, intelligence investigations, and criminal investigations to include such areas as death investigations, sexual assault, child abuse, suicide, stalking, domestic violence, workplace violence, radicalization, active shooter, sextortion, etc. She has worked with U.S. government and private sector clients. Her extensive experience applying psychological theories and principles in various investigative, operational, and national security settings allows her to help individuals and organizations understand an individual’s mindset, motivations, behaviors, and intentions. Her understanding of predicting and countering behaviors of individuals who display undesirable, threatening, or potentially dangerous character traits enables her to counsel and collaborate with organizations to set and achieve the highest standards in threat and violence risk assessment, investigations, and other areas. Additionally, she has vast experience as a victim advocate, working with crime survivors, understanding their needs during the criminal process and trial, and training law enforcement and other non-profit groups to help and provide resources to survivors. She is also a graduate of the Forensic Psychology M.A. program at Marymount.

Academic Credentials

B.S., Bethany College

M.A., Marymount University

Teaching Areas

Psychology, Public Policy, and Law