Nick Cabrejos

Class of 2017

Nick CabrejosMajor



Nick Cabrejos chose to attend Marymount for practical reasons — studying close to home with other students who are focused on their studies would challenge him to push himself academically. He graduated in Fall 2017 from Marymount with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics and fond memories of Marymount’s study abroad programs.

During his studies at Marymount, Cabrejos traveled to Dubai, Berlin and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam with various politics courses and programs coordinated through the Marymount Center for Global Education. While all of these experiences were beneficial, he fell particularly in love with Ho Chi Minh City.

“It reminds me so much of Lima, Peru…it kind of feels like I’m experiencing Lima for the first time,” Cabrejos said. 

He loved his time in Vietnam so much that he moved there, took CELTA training (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and was accepted to teach at the Apollo private English school. Cabrejos will soon leave Apollo to teach English at public schools in Vietnam as part of EMG Education.

Living and working abroad after college can be a daunting proposition. However, Cabrejos felt prepared thanks to his time at Marymount.

“[Marymount Study Abroad] gave me more experience being abroad and communicating with people from different countries,” he explained. “Now, I have coworkers from all over the world — England, South Africa, different parts of the U.S., Australia, Italy — and I feel like if I had not had the study abroad experience with Marymount, then it would’ve been harder for me to adapt to the change.”

His advice for those interested in working and living internationally?

“Make a concrete plan on how to make [international working] happen and commit,” Cabrejos explained. “Once you’re living abroad, it’s the perfect time for self-reflection and development. Immerse yourself in the new culture and learn a new skill.”

Jokingly, he added, “in my case, riding a motorbike successfully through Vietnam’s crazy traffic.”