Class of 2024 Spotlight: Nathan Slaughter

Class of 2024 Spotlight: Nathan Slaughter

Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy Reserve


Master’s in Counseling


San Diego, Calif.

Plans post-graduation? 

I would like to work with active-duty military members, veterans, their families and the LGBTQIA+ communities in the area.

What drew you to Marymount, and what has your overall experience been like here?

I was drawn to the accreditation of the M.A. in Counseling program and the flexibility of its non-cohort model. I was also drawn to Marymount’s capital location, which provides easy access to the veteran and active-duty military communities that I am passionate about serving.

How has being a veteran colored your Marymount experience? 

Coming to Marymount as a veteran prepared me for the intensity of my program, namely long study sessions and in-depth papers. But Marymount also helped me learn how to live and thrive outside a highly structured military environment. 

How has Marymount helped you grow as a person?

Marymount has provided a space and opportunity for me to develop different sorts of professional and interpersonal skills while setting the stage for me to become a successful mental health counselor. I will be able to give back to the communities which I am so very passionate to support, as well as my community at large.