Class of 2024 Spotlight: Mansour Abdullah AlJawini

Class of 2024 Spotlight: Mansour Abdullah AlJawini


Business Administration


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Plans post-graduation? 

I plan to pursue a master’s in marketing and start an event organization company, leveraging the skills I honed through my involvement in extracurricular activities at Marymount. 


What professional and personal opportunities did you have at Marymount?

As President of the Saudi Student Association, I organized several large-scale events, which helped me develop a strong network and provided career opportunities for fellow students in prestigious organizations. Through involvement in those events, Marymount helped me grow by providing numerous leadership opportunities that built my confidence and skills in event management and networking.

What is your favorite thing about Marymount?

I was drawn to Marymount for its close community and strong support system, which allowed me to thrive both academically and personally. My overall experience has been exceptionally positive, filled with learning and growth. Marymount really feels like home. I will always remember the supportive faculty and the vibrant campus atmosphere that made my experience unforgettable.