Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is a no-fault insurance that provides medical treatment and partial wage replacement for covered workers whose injury or illness arose out of and in the course of employment.  Employees are eligible for coverage on the first day of work.

In the event that a work-related injury results in an absence from work, contact Human Resources regarding benefits available during the absence, including Family and Medical Leave (FMLA), paid leave, and other benefits.

In the Event of an Injury

*Life Threatening, call 911. Employees should be transported by ambulance to the nearest emergency facility for immediate medical attention. Notify the Campus Safety at (703) 284-1601 to make them aware of the incident/accident.

*The employee or supervisor must notify the injured employee’s emergency contact if the event is serious, life threatening or if requested by the injured/ill employee. Contact Human Resources at (703) 284-1680 if assistance is needed.

If the injury is not life threatening, the employee should

  • Notify your supervisor immediately.
  • Call the Travelers Nurse (Travcare Nurse) at 855-310-6630, if you’re not sure you need to go to the doctor.
  • Seek medical treatment as necessary and as soon as possible from one of the following preferred providers:

 Premier Acute Care Services Alexandria

Urgent Care Clinic

3481 N. Beauregard St.

Alexandria, VA  22302


Est Dist: 4.5 mi


Inova Health Care Services

Urgent Care Clinic

4600 Langston Blvd.

Arlington, VA  22207


Est Dist: 0.7 mi


Concentra Medical Center

Occupational Medicine Clinic

Urgent Care Clinic

8613 Lee Highway Suite 110

Fairfax, VA  22031


Est Dist: 6.5 mi


Patient First – VA

Urgent Care Clinic

502 W. Broad St. Suite 2

Falls Church, VA  22046


Est Dist: 2.9 mi


  • Provide a copy of any medical treatment and reports you were provided with by your provider.
  • Abide by any work restrictions and avoid activities that will interfere with the recovery process
  • Communicate regularly with your Supervisor.


  • Conduct investigation and take corrective action.
  • All on the job injuries must be reported within 24 hours and must complete a University Incident Report 

After the Incident Report is complete, Human Resources will file a claim with and The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission who will investigate, evaluate and make a final determination. Any questions regarding a specific claim should be directed to Human Resources or the assigned adjuster at

Sick Leave

If an employee is injured on the job, they shall be allowed to draw seven (7) days from their accrued sick leave before becoming eligible for disability/workers compensation benefits. If an employee is not eligible for sick leave or has exhausted their sick leave bank, the first seven (7) work days of absence shall be unpaid.