Purchasing Goods & Services Guidelines

Process Steps:

Step 1:  Identify the need and business purpose. 

Step 2:  Evaluate your suppliers and obtain valid quotes.     


Step 4:  Check Workday to verify the supplier is already set-up.    If supplier is not a current vendor, proceed to Step 5. If the supplier exists, verify whether the supplier’s information /address is correct, if not you will need an updated Form W-9 emailed to procure@marymount.edu.  If correct, proceed to Step 5. 

Step 5:  Request a W-9 and ACH banking information from the Supplier, Create New Supplier Request in Workday and proceed to Step 7.   

Step 6:  Choose type of purchase or service and follow the below process.  NOTE:  Gift Card Purchases are NOT ALLOWED. 

Purchase or Service Type


All purchases of goods or services that are not listed below:   
  1. Purchase Order (PO) Request in Workday: Create a Requisition that generates a PO.  
  2. Proceed to Step 7 unless, 
    1. If a signed agreement or contract is involved – go to iContracts
One-time situation: 
  • No terms and conditions. 
  • Small micro-purchase. 
  • Examples: membership fees, hotel deposit, place a hold on a good or service. 
  1. Use a P-card.  Most P-cards have a overall credit limit of $3,500 and a single swipe limit of $1,500.  If one-time purchase is higher, use your Division VP’s P-card or request a one-time higher limit by completing a P-Card Request Form in Workday.  
  2. Proceed to Step 7 
Amazon purchases, goods and supplies 
  • Cheaper pricing, items and offers that are only available for Amazon Business customers, volume-tiered discounts. 
  • Some restrictions:  
    • IT and computer equipment must be requested through its@marymount.edu. 
    • Furniture must be requested through Physical Plant at pp@marymount.edu.   
    • Gift Card purchases are not allowed. 
  • Access through Workday. 
  • Amazon Business FAQs. 
  1. Amazon for Business 
  2. Email procure@marymount.edu to confirm user account set up. 
  3. To access link, in Workday go to Create Requisition. 
    •  In Requisition Type, select Supplier Website, click OK. 
    • Click Connect to Supplier Website. 
    • Click on Connect at the right of the Amazon Business logo. 
  4. After purchase has been made, you will be returned to Workday to finish the process that creates a PO#.  
  5. Proceed to Step 7 
One-time or consistent payments usually under the $10,000 threshold: 
  • Examples: Utility payments, legal services, library acquisitions, contractor/contingent worker services 
  • If over $10k, terms & conditions may be iContracts
  1. Proceed to Step 6,  

Once invoice is received proceed to Step 7 for a Supplier Invoice Request (SIR). 

Step 6:  Order the goods and/or services, be sure to include the approved PO number to supplier. 

 Step 7:  After the delivery of the goods and/or services is complete, follow the guide below depending on purchase type: 

Purchase Order Invoice Submission 

P-Card Reconciliation 

Supplier Invoice Request (SIR) Submission 

Amazon for Business 

  1. Supplier sends an invoice to the Requester. 
  2. Check that the Supplier address matches Workday information.  If it not, you must get an updated Form W-9 first emailed to procure@marymount.edu. 
  3. Requester ensures a PO# is on the invoice, scans and uploads to apoffice@marymoun.edu 
  4. Accounts Payable (AP) will process the invoice.  
  5. The requester will receive a task in Workday called Create a Receipt 
  6. Enter the PO#, upload a copy of the invoice, enter the exact amount to be paid, and Submit. 
  7. This process needs to be followed in order or the invoice will not pay out and will cause a Match Exception with the purchase order.  For every invoice there must be a receipt to match. 
  1. By the 5th business day of the month after the transaction has occurred, complete reconciliation. 
  2. In Workday reconcile all charges, provide detailed transaction description.
  3. Upload receipts.  If original receipts are not available, contact the vendor, if the vendor cannot provide a receipt, complete a Missing Receipt Affidavit. 
  4. Submit. 
  1. Supplier sends an invoice to the Requester. 
  2. Requester submits the invoice for payment in Workday via Create Supplier Invoice Request.  
  3. Submit 
  1. The Buyer/Requestor will receive an invoice by email from Amazon Business. 
  2. Nothing for the Requester to do, the PO process will move forward and continue through approval process. 



  • Requester:  The employee that submits the requisition or invoice in Workday. 
  • Buyer:  After a Purchase Order (PO) is approved and issued, the Requester becomes the Buyer listed on the PO.