Yali Kong

Adjunct Faculty College of Sciences and Humanities, School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics […]

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Caren Trowbridge

Academic Credentials

BA Art History, Portland State University
BA French Literature, l’Université de Poitiers, France
MA French Language and Literatures, Portland State University


Caren Trowbridge is a professor of French with nearly 20 years experience teaching at the university, corporate and government levels.  She has taught in both American and European schools and received the GWATFL (Greater Washington Association of Teachers of Foreign Language) award for best presentation of classroom pedagogy (2009).  Ms. Trowbridge has also collaborated on several academic translations, namely of the life and works of St. Vincent de Paul with the Société de St. Vincent de Paul in Paris (2007).  Her academic interests include Emile Zola and social (in)justice of the late 19th-century, as well as works written under the German occupation of France from 1941-1944.

Professor Colley-Trowbridge was awarded the 2020 School of Design, Arts, and Humanities prize for excellence in Non-Tenure Teaching.


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Erik Alda

Before joining Marymount, I received my PhD in Criminology and Public Policy from
the School of Public Affairs at American University. My research interests lay at the intersection of performance measurement of criminal justice institutions and comparative criminology, with a focus on developing countries. One strand of my research explores how criminal justice institutions and, particularly, law enforcement, perform and how efficiently they utilize their resources as well as the factors that affect their performance. In particular, I have conducted comparative research on this topic in various countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, and Sub-Saharan Africa. I am also working with governments to design and evaluate the performance of their criminal justice sector to inform policy and program design that can lead to a more efficient use of public resources. Another strand of my research studies focuses on evaluating public policies in developing countries by analyzing large administrative datasets. Research areas include policing, youths, and justice system. In addition to my research interests, I have collaborative research projects in Spain, Mexico, Chile, El Salvador, Honduras, Bulgaria, and the US. […]

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Carolyn Oxenford

Professor Emerita College of Sciences and Humanities, Psychology, School of Behavioral and Social Sciences […]

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