Dennix Averion – Associate Director

Dennix Averion – Associate Director

I consider myself an international student in my own right, having been born and raised in the Philippines before moving to the United States in my formative years. Like many international students, I was deciding between schools in my home country and abroad when it came time for university study. Ultimately, I chose a school in the United States and have had no regrets! I know firsthand how daunting applying to college can be, especially when you add moving to a new country and acclimating to the culture in the mix. My goal is to help make that transition feel easier for you! Marymount has an incredibly diverse and inclusive community which is one of the things I love about this campus. I look forward to meeting you and helping you learn about the exciting opportunities a U.S. education can provide.

About Dennix


B.A. Communication – Public Relations

Favorite Food

Mac & Cheese – the cheesier the better!


Quezon City, Philippines

Favorite Location on Campus

Rowley Patio

Best College Search Tip

Make sure that you plan and take your time through the entire process. Utilize the resources offered and never be afraid to ask questions. It is totally fine not knowing what you want to do! College will be your opportunity to explore your interests. Remember that the school itself matters less than whether you’re happy at the school you’ve chosen. College is supposed to be exciting, and you should feel confident that you’ll be supported.


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