Student Services

Student Health Insurance
The Student Health Center website has complete information about your Health Center Services and options.

Marymount graduate students taking nine or more credit hours are required to either show proof of existing health insurance coverage or purchase a student health insurance plan through the university. Please note that you will be automatically enrolled in Marymount’s student health insurance plan unless you provide a waiver demonstrating that you already have coverage.

Students with Access Needs
Marymount’s Office of Student Access Services assists students with documented physical, learning, or psychological disabilities. Students who desire accommodations should contact the director of Student Access Services at 703-526-6925 or email as soon as possible. Students who qualify for services may request them at any point during their enrollment at Marymount.

Ministry, Activities & Leadership
Marymount Online students that are local to the DMV area are welcome to participate in Marymount University’s Campus Ministry is committed to living out its mission statement, always striving “to provide the Marymount community with experiences of the love of God, to help Christ transform their lives, and to empower them to respond fully to Christ’s call to bear witness to Him in the world.” There is also a list of other religious services in the area.

Center for Career Services
The Center for Career Services provides comprehensive career exploration, preparation, and decision-making assistance to Marymount students and alumni to foster their professional development and ensure their long-term career satisfaction and success.

Center for Teaching and Learning
The Center for Teaching and Learning provides a variety of programs for Marymount students and faculty that promote student success and support student learning.The Center also collaborates with faculty and staff to infuse the curriculum and co-curriculum with high academic and ethical standards.This is a great place to find one-on-one tutoring, support dedicated towards the new student experience and much more.