Anna Moon

Education Coordinator Intern at Mathnasium (Spring ’21)

Anna Moon

 Q: What did you do in your internship?

As an Education Intern at Mathnasium, I assisted in making binders for the students at our learning centers. Under the supervisor of the Assistant Center Director, I also made calls to parents, pitched sales to new families and customers, and helped instruct as needed.

Q: How did Marymount help prepare you for your internship?

My minor in Education has helped me identify students’ strengths and weaknesses. This insight gave me more confidence in articulating the students’ needs, especially when I’m starting conversations with parents.

Q: What advice would you give to current Marymount students in their career search?

If you are currently working a part-time job and see a future with the organization you are working for, ask them if they are offering any internships or positions with more responsibilities. If not, talk to them to see if you can negotiate a new opportunity. I was shocked when I heard my boss say they would be willing to work something out with me so I can gain more experience in the field.