Student Life

What to Expect as a Full-Time DPT Student at Marymount University

Students should expect to be in class from 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM each weekday. An average day is composed of tutorial, classroom instruction and laboratory activities. There are also days spent in clinic rotations (either part-time or full-time.  Reference the DPT Curriculum for the clinical rotation schedule). There are breaks throughout the day;  however students often spend that time studying or practicing clinical skills.

Extracurricular Activities 

All MU DPT students are expected to participate in community service during their time in the program. We have a wide variety of activities in which we participate in as a program, but are always looking to add more.

Many students enjoy serving in a capacity they have experienced previously, but many like to explore new opportunities that will assist them in their development as physical therapists.

Marymount’s Saints Center for Service is the campus service hub that offers increased opportunities for students, faculty and staff to work together on service projects inside and outside of the classroom.

A few of the projects and events we are involved in include:

  • MU 5K
  • MU Go Baby Go
  • Super H run
  • Adaptive sports program
  • Northern Virginia Falls prevention program
  • Alzheimer’s program
Professional Development activities

MU DPT is committed to fostering student leadership both in the classroom and in the profession of physical therapy. The faculty and students are highly engaged with the physical therapy profession from the local to the national level. With our close proximity to the APTA headquarters, MU DPT offers multiple unique opportunities for students to engage in advocacy, service, and networking events with leaders in the field.

Student support

Marymount offers a wide range of programs and services that support the well-being of students.

  • Free tutoring: The Doctor of Physical Therapy Program has a dedicated tutor to support the intellectual development of our students. In addition, students can seek academic support from the Student Academic Hub.
  • Student Counseling Services
  • Student Affairs: assists students as they navigate life at Marymount and refers students to the various available resources on campus
  • Graduate student council: This group is a student government organization which supports all of the graduate programs on campus.