Theology & Religious Studies Program Requirements

To fulfill the requirements of the major, all students in this program will take the following coursework in a sequence determined in collaboration with a faculty advisor. All students also must fulfill Liberal Arts Core and University requirements, and some of the following courses may also satisfy those requirements.

Major Requirements

  • TRS 100 Theological Inquiry
  • TRS 201 Understanding Religion
  • TRS 202 Religions of the World
  • TRS 400 Internship
  • TRS 451 Christian Faith in the Modern World
  • TRS 499 Senior Seminar
  • 1 course from the following: TRS 251 The Religion of the Old Testament, TRS 260 The New Testament Gospels, TRS 261 The New Testament Epistles
  • 1 course from the following: TRS 380 The History of the Early Church, TRS 381 Medieval and Reformed Theology, TRS 382 The Church in the Modern World
  • 12 credits in Theology and Religious Studies electives

Minor Requirements