2021 Publications

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  17. Vestibular function, visuospatial ability, and cognition in aging: Where are we?  Ries J. D.  with Klatt B & Anson E; 2-hour educational program, APTA Virtual Combined Sections Meeting, February 2021.
  18. Walking the Tightrope of Balance Training for Older Adults with Dementia: Lessons Learned. Ries J. D. with Stahl J & McKenzie J; 2-hour educational program, APTA Virtual Combined Sections Meeting, February 2021.
  19. Pappa, Sara T., Elrod, Cathy, and Wong, Rita. You Can SAIL (Stay Active and Independent for Life) Outside, too! Peer-reviewed Ignite session: NCOA Age+Action Virtual Conference, June 7 – 10; 2021.
  20. Pappa, Sara T., Elrod, Cathy, and Wong, Rita. Collaborating to Embed Falls Prevention Programs into the Community: Transitioning in the Presence of COVID-19. Peer-reviewed platform presentation: Virginia Governor’s Conference on Aging, May 24-27, (virtual); 2021.