Liaisons by School

College of Business, Innovation, Leadership, and Technology
School of Business Hall Baldwin
School of Design and Visual Art Bernadette Mirro
School of Technology and Innovation Mason Yang
College of Health and Education
School of Counseling Linda Todd
School of Education Gwen Vredevoogd
Malek School of Nursing Professions
Linda Todd
School of Health Sciences
Linda Todd
College of Sciences and Humanities
School of Humanities

Hall Baldwin: History; Politics
Gwen Vredevoogd: English; English and Humanities; Digital Writing and Narrative Design
Bernadette Mirro: Liberal Studies
Alison Gregory: Theology and Religious Studies; Philosophy
School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Mason Yang
School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Gwen Vredevoogd: Forensic and Legal Psychology
Bernadette Mirro: Communications; Criminal Justice; Psychology;
Alison Gregory: Sociology