Pricing and Billing Information

We are excited to continue to offer our affordable and flexible housing plans here at Marymount University for the summer of 2022! This page aims to provide you with an easy guide to the pricing and billing for the Summer Intern Housing Program so you can best plan out your costs for your stay. If you have any questions please email the SIHP coordinator John Sharp at

Note: If your internship location is paying for your housing directly to Marymount, please make sure to check in with John Sharp to make sure all costs are covered.


Application and Deposit

Once an application has been submitted and approved for the 2022 Summer Intern Housing Program, a $200 nonrefundable deposit is required for all interns in order to reserve their space.

Room Types and Rates

As a part of the application all interns are able to indicate a preferred Room Type for their reservation. All Room Types are subject to availability!

Limited Number of Ostapenko Singles available!

Room Type            per night per week per month
Ostapenko Single
(limited number available)
$60/night $350/week $1,200/month
Ostapenko Extended Single $80/night $500/week $1,500/month

Reminder*: Dates of reservation are May 15th to August 7th for 2022. Please email John Sharp with any questions!

Cost is calculated based on the longest reservation block that is reached. For example:

Staying 6 weeks in an Ostapenko Extended Single: $1,500 x 1.5 months = $2,250 total

Optional Meal Plan

We are excited to continue to offer optional meal plans to all of our summer interns to be able to eat at our on campus dining hall locations during their stay! Added to the interns Marymount ID on arrival, these plans help our interns eat while they are here in conjunction with the kitchen spaces inside of their Ostapenko apartments!

Meal Plan Cost
10 Meals/ Week $150/week
19 Meals/Week $200/week

Optional Summer Parking Pass

All interns have the opportunity to buy a summer parking pass for the flat rate of $135 for the whole summer. This pass will allow the intern to park their vehicle in the parking garage attached to Ostapenko Hall!


Billing and Payment Options

Billing is based on a Sunday to Saturday schedule. Weeks cannot be prorated if you do not arrive on a Sunday or leave prior to a Saturday.

Payment Options

Each intern will receive an invoice with their total cost of their stay once a deposit payment has been made. All balances must be paid in full prior to the interns check in, with the option to provide payment at check-in. Interns will not be able to receive their key/ID if payment has not bee received.

Note*: If you are unable to pay your balance in full prior to your arrival date, please let us know and we will work with you to set up a payment plan.

Payment is processed two ways:

PayPal Charge

In addition to the provided invoice, a PayPal invoice can be created in order to allow the intern to complete their payment using the PayPal system. Please note that a processing fee of 2.9% is applied to each invoice in the PayPal system.


Interns are able to provide or mail a check in addition to their provided invoice to our office for processing. There is not a fee for this version of payment.


Requests to cancel housing prior to check-in are subject to a cancellation charge. Please note, once an intern has checked in, housing cannot be canceled. If you have checked in and wish to reduce the length of your stay, please contact the Office of Student Living. To request cancellation of your application, please contact the Office of Student Living.

The schedule of cancellation charges is listed below. Once your cancel request is processed, you will receive a refund of your original payment less the cancellation charge you have been assessed.

Cancellation charges are assessed as follows:
• 7 days prior to your check-in date to receive a full refund minus the processing fee of 2.9%
• Within the 7 day window of your check-in date will be subject to a $300-$550 cancellation fee, determined by your length of stay.

If you have any questions about cancellations please send an email to