Transfer Orientation

At Marymount University, we organize a comprehensive New Transfer Student Orientation to support the unique needs of transfer students. This tailored event provides vital information and invaluable resources for a seamless transition to our university.

Our orientation program familiarizes transfer students with our campus facilities, academic requirements, student services, and vibrant campus life. Through workshops, presentations, and tours, we empower them to navigate their new academic environment with confidence.

Creating a sense of community among transfer students is a key objective. They have opportunities to meet and network with fellow transfer students, as well as engage with faculty and staff who will support their growth.

Workshops and sessions address transfer-specific needs, such as credit transfer, course selection, and understanding academic expectations. Open dialogue encourages questions and clarifications, ensuring transfer students are fully prepared for their academic journey at Marymount.

Attending our New Transfer Student Orientation equips students with confidence, knowledge, and awareness of available resources. Our aim is a smooth transition and a fulfilling experience throughout their time at our institution.

Register here for the Transfer Orientation – Wednesday, August 23, 2023