Meal Plans at Marymount

Our Meal Plans here at Marymount aim to provide all students with a plan that will best meet their needs for eating on campus. Check out some of the information about how our Meal Plans work, where they can be used, and what are the requirements and costs of having a meal plan at Marymount.

What are Meal Plans made of?

Meal plans consist of two very kinds of payment; a Meal Swipe and Dining Dollars. Both of these kinds of payments can be taken at multiple dining locations, but it is helpful to know how to get the best bang for your buck with this system!

Meal Swipes

Dining Dollars

Meal Swipes are used when you are purchasing a full meal at our dining locations! Meal Swipes are a weekly balance that can be used by a student throughout the week to get meals wherever they go. Some great examples are:
  • One entry to Gerard Dining hall for the all-you-can-eat buffet!
  • A burger, fries, and a drink at 1950’s Grill
  • A grab and go meal from a station in EAT Cafe

Keep in mind, these swipes are weekly! Make sure you are using all of those swipes before they reset on Sunday!

Dining Dollars, also sometimes referred to as Flex Dollars, are a cash based system that works at the dining locations at Marymount. Students are able to use their dining dollars to pay for the cash value just like a debit card of items at a dining location of their choice. Some great examples are:
  • A cup of coffee and a croissant from Lola’s Cafe
  • An ice cream sandwich from the c-store in 1950’s Grill
  • Just a side of fries from EAT Cafe rather than a full meal

Dining Dollars do not reset week to week! They will only reset between semesters. And you are always welcome to add more!

Residential Meal Plans

At Marymount University, We have a few requirements for students and what meal plans they can choose from!

First Year Students: All first year students are auto-enrolled into our 19 Meals per Week plan that can be seen below. This plan is required for the first year.

Returning Students: While living on main campus, our returning students have the ability to choose from any of the residential meal plans that we offer!

Meal Plans
Flex Dollars 2021-2022
Academic Year
19 Meals per Week $200 $5,200
14 Meals per Week $300 $4,700
9 Meals per Week $500 $4,200

Commuter Meal Plans

Our commuter students and students living at The Rixey have the additional option to choose from some of our Commuter Meal Plans!

Commuter Meal Plans
2021- 2022
Academic Year
9 Meals per week + $500 Flex Dollars $4,200
30 Meals per Semester + $400 Flex Dollars $1,600
$300 Dining Dollars $600