Alcohol Prevention and Education

Nationally, 60% of college students drink. Additionally, binge drinking is the most common type of drinking on a college campus. The Office of Wellness, Prevention, and Education works with campus partners to ensure students are empower to make decisons about their health and wellness

Our Efforts:

  • Know Your Limit: All new students are required to take a 30-minute online course. The course teaches students skills for responsible drinking, by covering topics such as the importance of moderating alcohol consumption, the dangers of binge drinking, skills to drink responsibly, and how to intervene when a friend has had too much to drink. This course is due on Canvas by August 24, 2020.
  • Think Before You Drink: This is a responsible drinking workshop led by the SaintsCare Ambassadors. The workshop is focused on on-campus resources, understanding blood alcohol content (BAC), what a serving looks like, and how to help others. The workshop can also be customized to focus on specific activities such as the Pour Your Drink Challenge, Alcohol Bingo, and more. This workshop can be requested in resident halls, classrooms, for teams, clubs, and more.
  • Passive Programming: In addition to in-person efforts, information on alcohol can be found throughout campus on bulletin boards,posters, flyers, our website, and social media.
  • Programming: Overall on-campus events are alcohol free with the exception of a few events. On the rare occasion that alcohol is offered at an event, there is a strict 2 drink limit. Additionally, the Office of Wellness works each semester to curate events to increase alcohol awareness through webinars, lectures, meetings, and workshops.
  • Saints Act Policy: The purpose of this policy is to promote the health and well-being of out students. If you know someone who needs medical attention after drinking or drug use, call Campus Safety (703)-284-1600 and/or 911 for help. Students using the Saints Act policy who are cooperative and have not endangered the community, including those underage, will be referred outside the University’s conduct system. If the student successfully completes the requirements of the referral, the University will not treat the activity as a conduct violation.  Additionally, every year before the the week before Halloween weekend, the Office of Wellness prints table tent cards for every table on campus (all dining, leisure, etc) to spread awareness about the Saints Act Policy.
  • CARE: The CARE Team provides guidance and assistance to students who are experiencing crises, displaying odd or unusual behaviors, or are engaging in other behaviors that may be perceived as being harmful (either to themselves or others). The Marymount Student CARE Team accepts referrals and responds to students (and their families, faculty, and staff) when concerns for a student’s health, welfare, and safety are identified.
  • Campus wide policies: To learn more about the policies and student code of conduct, please click here.