Office of Ministry and Spiritual Life


Invoking the RSHM’s mission and ministry that “all may have life and have it to the full,” this office strives to help cultivate students’ spiritual life by welcoming diverse expressions of faith and meaning. By focusing on interfaith dialogue, Ministry and Spiritual Life programs emphasize that Marymount students of all traditions and no tradition can find spiritual wellness and a sense of meaning and community on campus. Come find your spiritual home at Marymount!


The message of Ministry & Spiritual Life is: all are welcome. We want to make your experience here feel meaningful and fulfilling! Whether you’re a student hoping to have a richer religious life, or a student wanting to try a spiritual practice like mindfulness for the first time, this office is the place for you! We also will help serve our Muslim students by maintaining and renovating the Meditation Room. Marymount’s Catholic values inform this work so that all students can flourish here. Stop into Gerard 1005 and Gerard 1004 and talk to us about what spirituality and religious practice means for you, and what you hope to find here.