Tonya-Marie Howe

Tonya-Marie Howe (no photo)


Academic Credentials

B.A. James Madison University
M.A., Ph.D. University of Michigan


Dr. Howe is Professor of Literature & Languages. Specializing in the study of popular performance genres, she presents widely at national conferences in eighteenth-century studies and digital humanities. She is currently co-PI on Literature in Context, an open-source TEI database project funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities that seeks to make freely-accessible a curated collection of critically-annotated resources about early literature for teachers and students. Committed to a technologically and publicly informed critical pedagogy, Dr. Howe was awarded the VFIC H. Hiter Harris award in Instructional Technology.  She is currently pursuing a MPS in Data Analytics and Visualization from Maryland Institute College of Art.

Teaching Area

  • Eighteenth-century British literature
  • Early modern world literature
  • Theater history
  • Writing
  • Critical theory
  • Digital humanities
  • Research methodologies

Research Interests

  • Data visualization and digital humanities
  • Early 18th-century British literature
  • Popular culture and performance history
  • Disability studies
  • Horror film


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Phone: 703-284-5762