Charles Tichenor

Charles Tichenor (no photo)

Adjunct Faculty

Academic Credentials
Ph.D., Business, Berne University
MBA, Business Administration, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
BSBA, Business Administration, The Ohio State University
Professional Certifications:
International Affairs III, Defense Institute for Security Assistance Management, 2011-2015
Certified Function Point Specialist, International Function Point Users Group, 1994, 1997
Operations Research/Systems Analysis, US Army, 1989

Teaching Areas

  • Management Science
  • Information Technology

Industry and Professional Associations

  • International Function Point Users Group
  • Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
  • Reserve Officers Association

Research Interests
Dr. Charley Tichenor has been a member of the Marymount faculty since 2011, first as an Adjunct Professor and now as an Assistant Professor of Management Science.  Dr. Tichenor teaches undergraduate and graduate analytics-based courses in information systems, statistics, and decision making.
Dr. Tichenor has approximately thirty years of formal job experience in the analytics field, including both in the military and federal service and private industry.  He has nineteen publications, five of which were in refereed journals, and has spoken at eighteen conference or special academic presentations from local to international level.  He is also an International Review Editorial Board Member (journal referee) for the International Journal of Information Technology Project Management.
Dr. Tichenor’s primary research interests are in the field of software metrics.  He is a member of the International Function Point Users’s Group (IFPUG) Non-functional Software Sizing Standards Committee and is currently researching better ways to forecast the cost to develop software through a joint Academic Partnership between Marymount University and IFPUG.