Cell Phone Policy

Effective Date

June 12, 2017

Last Revision Date

June, 2023 

Responsible Party

Human Resources

Office of Financial Services 


All employees  


Marymount University (“University”) employees whose job duties include the frequent need of a cell phone or data device may receive extra compensation in the form of a taxable allowance, to cover business-related costs.

1.0 Eligibility

Employees may be eligible for an allowance to cover associated expenses.  The employee must have job duties that include the frequent need of mobile communications. The cell phone is necessary to support the University and not be simply for the convenience of the employee. The following criteria may be used: 

  1. Safety requirements indicate having a cell phone is essential to fulfilling job responsibilities.
  2. The employee frequently travels and needs to be available to communicate with University constituents at any and all times when traveling on University business.
  3. The employee typically works in the field or has multiple jobsite locations where access to communication devices is not readily available for use by the employee. 
  4. The employee needs to be available and responsive on a regular basis outside normal work hours. 
  5. The employee is required to be on call 24/7. 
  6. Job requirements include critical university wide decision making.

2.0 Request and Approval

2.1 Request

Once the manager agrees a cell phone is necessary for the job duties, the manager will submit a Compensation change adding a Cell Phone Allowance to the employee.

2.2 Approval

  1. A Vice President or appropriate Cabinet Member must approve all cell phone and data service allowances. 
  2. Managers are responsible for an annual review of employee business-related cell phone and device use to determine if existing allowances should be continued, changed, or discontinued. 
  3. The Payroll Manager will send a reminder to managers at the end of each calendar year, requesting confirmation of continuance of the allowance for each employee.

3.0 Allowance Payments

3.1 Reimbursement

  1. An allowance of $50 per month is included in the eligible employee’s paycheck. 
  2. The monthly allowance is taxable income to the employee and will be taxed in accordance with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations. 
  3. The allowance does not constitute an increase to base pay and will not be included in the calculation of percentage increases to base pay due to annual raises, job upgrades, or benefits based on a percentage of salary, etc. 
  4. The monthly cost will be charged to the operating budget of the employee’s department.
  5. The university will pay only the approved allowance amount even if actual monthly costs exceed the allowance. 

3.2 Business Calls on Personal Cell Phones

  1. Infrequent or moderate use of a personal cell phone for university business is considered normal and will not be reimbursed. 
  2. If an employee is not eligible for an allowance or a University provided cell phone, she or he may request reimbursement only to the extent that additional expenses were incurred. 
  3. The individual should make personal payment to the provider, and then submit a request for reimbursement. Business calls while on campus should be made from traditional landline phones.

4.0 Responsibility and Liability

4.1 Cell Plan 

  1. Employees are responsible for choosing their own voice or data plan as well as their carrier. 
  2. Employees are also responsible for choosing their own equipment.
  3. The university does not accept any liability for claims, charges, or disputes between the service provider and the employee.

4.2 Cell Phone Number

  1. Recipients of this allowance must notify the university of the cell phone number and must continue to maintain the cell phone or device while in receipt of the allowance. 
  2. Cell phone numbers will be added to the employee record in the university ERP (Workday) system. 
  3. Recipients of a cell phone allowance must register their cell phone number with the university’s Emergency Notification System. 

4.3 Equipment

  1. There is no allowance for additional cell phones. 
  2. Employee is responsible for the equipment, any replacement for loss or damage will be at the expense of the employee. 
  3. Use of the phone or device in any manner contrary to local, state, or federal laws will constitute misuse, and will result in immediate termination of the allowance.
  4. Support for cell phones and devices will be provided by the carrier.

5.0 University Provided Device

  1. The university will continue to provide cell phones and data devices in certain situations when specific equipment or technology is required to perform university functions. 
  2. Such phones or devices are not used exclusively by one individual, but are shared by the department and never for personal use.  
  3. The university reserves the right to cancel or transfer any of these department phones or devices to the employee allowance program if personal use is evident.