Tuition Remission

All regular, full-time employees have the opportunity to pursue higher education at Marymount free of charge, 1 semester after hire date.  This exceptional benefit is offered for both undergraduate and graduate coursework. While undergraduate tuition remission is not taxed, the Internal Revenue Service, under section 117(d) and 127, has ruled that the graduate tuition benefit is taxable income. This additional taxable income and taxes withheld are reported on the W-2 form.

All employees are encouraged to track their tuition remission benefit for the year and plan accordingly. In addition, all employees are encouraged to sign up for tuition remission at the beginning of the academic period in order to spread their tax withholding over as many pay periods as possible.

Employee Benefit

Employee eligibility is calculated as of the start date of the semester. Please note:

  • An employee may take a maximum of eighteen (18) credit hours in a 12-month academic year.
  • Employees can receive tuition remission for either one or two (2) classes per semester for a maximum of six (6) credit hours. If the courses taken for that semester exceed six (6) credits they will be approved as long as the classes or labs are required by the degree program that the employee is enrolled in. The maximum number of credits that can be approved for one semester may not exceed eight (8). All classes taken in a 12 month academic year will count toward the eighteen (18) hour academic year maximum.

To apply for Tuition Remission, please complete the Tuition Remission Form and submit it to Human Resource in Ireton Hall after you have completed the Admissions process. Employees must apply for admission to a program that is offered at Marymount University.

Please note that the Tuition Remission Form must have all the appropriate signatures before it can be processed by Human Resources.

Spouse and Dependent Children

Spouses and tax-dependent children of full-time employees are eligible for remission of undergraduate tuition immediately.  Please note:

  • Tuition Remission will be reduced by the applicable financial aid.
  • It is the responsibility of the sponsoring employee to apply for all appropriate financial aid.
  • Dependents are eligible for eighteen (18) credits in both the fall and spring semesters and twelve (12) credits during the summer term.

Spouses and dependent children of full-time employees for tax purposes are eligible for remission of 25% of graduate tuition, after the sponsoring employee has completed one year of continuous full-time employment, 100% after five calendar years of continuous full-time employment.

  • Graduate Tuition is reduced by 25% when the employee completes one (1) full year of continous employment before the semester begins.
  • After employee works five (5) continous full time years, graduate tuition for spouse and dependent children is waived

Dependents are eligible for twelve (12) credits in both the fall and spring semesters and nine (9) credits during the summer terms. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring employee to apply for all appropriate financial aid.

Please contact the Benefits Manager at (703) 284-1680 for additional information.