Medical Plans

Marymount University offers full-time, regular employees optional health insurance coverage under CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield with four different plans:

  • CareFirst Blue Choice HMO (Option 11)
  • Blue Preferred (Option 1) High PPO
  • Blue Preferred HSA Health Plan

Both the employee and the University contribute to these plans.

Employee Contribution Rates for 2020

Rates are bi-weekly and will be deducted from 26 pay periods.

Blue Choice Blue Preferred
Employee $76.14 $45.57 $115.76
Employee +1 $199.89 $119.55 $304.01
Family $274.78 $167.40 $417.94

CareFirst Blue Choice Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

CareFirst Blue Choice HMO offers access to quality health care from a broad network of participating physicians.

Plan Summaries

CareFirst Blue Choice Option 11 – HMO
Prescription Drug Program
Summary of Benefits and Coverage-BluechoiceHMO

How It Works

During enrollment, members choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP) who provides routine care, and coordinates care in providing referrals to in-network specialists and facilities.

During an emergency or urgent care situation, members may receive approval to use out-of-network services.

Advantages of HMOs

Low out-of-pocket cost:

There are no deductibles in an HMO. The HMO members are only responsible for the corresponding co-payments for all covered services.

Focus on wellness and preventative care:

HMOs encourage members to seek medical treatment early before health problems become severe.

No lifetime maximum payout:

Unlike most health insurance plans, the HMO plan does not place a limit on your lifetime benefits. Your treatments will continue to be covered as long as you are a member.

Blue Preferred HSA

CareFirst Blue Preferred offers choice and convenience, including access to a broad national provider network, and a wide range of health care choices.

Plan Summaries

Blue Preferred Option 1 – High PPO
Summary of Benefits and Coverage-BluePreferred High PPO
Prescription Drug Program
Blue Preferred Drug Program
Summary Of Benefits and Coverage Blue Preferred HSA

The Blue Preferred Low Option plan is not available for new enrollments.  This information is for those who remain in the coverage.

Summary of Benefits and Coverage-Blue Preferred Low Option PPO

How It Works

Members have the option to choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP) to serve as their personal physician and to help coordinate their health needs.

No referrals are necessary to see specialists in the network. Members just choose a participating specialist and make an appointment.

Members have the option to see any licensed physician either in or outside the Blue Preferred network – though costs tend to be lower when care is received from a provider in the Blue Preferred network.

Emergency care is covered 24 hours a day, no matter where the member receives service.

Please contact for more information.