Catherine Pineda – Admissions Counselor


Catherine Pineda – Admissions CounselorAs an Admissions Counselor, I’m here to help you learn about Marymount and to make the college  admissions process less intimidating. In 2017, I was a low-income, first generation Latina searching for the perfect college to attend, and as a Marymount alumna, it is my honor to help you become a Marymount Saint! As an undergraduate student, I worked on campus and participated in a wide variety of student organizations. One of my favorite things about Marymount other than our tight-knit community is the way in which class often ties into serving our community, whether it’s locally in Arlington or across the globe. If you’re interested in becoming a well-rounded individual, don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or via email. Marymount emphasizes intellectual curiosity, serving others, and helping students gain a global perspective.

About Catherine


B.A. Psychology
Communication minor

Favorite Food:

Strawberry Cheesecake


Washington, D.C.

Favorite Location on Campus:

Main House

Best College Search Process Tip

Start your college search as soon as possible, even as a sophomore. Make a list of what you’re looking for in a college or university (location, size, cost, academic program, campus life etc.). Browse college websites, attend events on campus, and discuss your plans with your family. Don’t forget to visit campuses and connect with current students at the schools you are considering. They are a wealthy of knowledge as well!

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